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Welcome to Long Kae as a loyal customer. Your support will give us more motivation go forward~~

Founded in 2002, Long Kae has been in Taiwan for nearly 20 years. We persist " Developing the market and constantly pursuing innovative ideas and better products".

Long Kae is located in the Huwei area of Yunlin, an important place for agricultural product. It was established in 2002 and the relocating story of Long Kae hopes to present good products to consumers and a good working environment for employees.

Our foreign agricultural producer is located in Yunnan Province, are engaged in diversified cultivation.The aim is to provide a variety of agricultural products to consumers through getting a head to start in same industry compete, long-distance discussion and coordination with agricultural growers from countries. The purpose is satisfying demands of consumers.

Our diversified import production areas include the United States, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, South China and Thailand all countries. To expand its business and meet the needs of the Taiwan market.

From November to May every year, we always produce a variety of crops with local Taiwanese farmers and help each other to produce greater agricultural benefits.

The market for agriculture always is changing, but what remains unchanged is that we will continue to strive to understand and value the importance of the market. "To different demands in market, we've been having our feet on the ground and bring more quality agricultural products"

We are Long Kae. Welcome to Long Kae Family.

Argentine garlic continues to import, Taiwan's new garlic will be listed soon.

Production resume Potato is about to be sold in small packages (600G)

Production history Green cauliflower

Imported onion, local production of onion oysters will be modified small package (13Kg)